Ladies Trousers Alterations

We have the expertise to tailor your trousers to perfection. We can easily and efficiently reduce or raise the size of loose or tight waisted pants by changing the centre back seam. We can also establish the exact form of the seat and elevate or lower the fork as needed after fitting with our Master Tailor. We taper (narrow) pants either totally or partially for a tighter fit and cleaner silhouette. We would cut surplus fabric from the inside leg seam for a modest taper. We may minimise the leg width even further by reducing the cloth from both the inner and outside leg seams.

Alterations tailor measuring trousers on a customer, close-up

Our skilled Tailors will work on your Trousers for as long as it takes to make them fit you perfectly. We will concentrate on your requirements and work with you one-on-one. This implies that the same Tailor will attend to you throughout all of your fittings and work on your Trouser. We guarantee that your slacks will be in the finest possible hands. 

Ladies Trouser Alterations Services:

  • Lower Trouser waistband
  • Take in or let out Trouser waist and seat
  • Take in or let out Trouser waist, seat and fork
  • Shorten/lengthen Trouser with a plain hem
  • Shorten/lengthen Trouser with a turn-up
  • Add tape to Trouser hems
  • Take in / let out Trouser seams
  • Install a front lining
  • Fully lined trousers
  • Replace Trouser zip
  • Add Trouser brace buttons
  • Add Trouser belt loops
  • Add Trouser side adjusters
  • General Trouser repairs