We can help you develop patterns even from simple sketches; or, if you have already started, we can help you amend your patterns.

Once the patterns are ready we can make a toile in calico so that the fit can be checked. As soon as the desired fit is achieved the sample can be made in the fabric of your choice.

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Once you have the patterns, toile and all the fabrics and trimmings ready we can produce a high quality sample for you. When it comes to exhibiting your design to the public or to buyers, the design and fit obviously play crucial roles, but so too does the quality of the sample. Even the most brilliant ideas can be let down by poor quality samples. A high quality finish will moreover illustrate to buyers the high standards they can expect from the production run.

What you need to provide us with:

1. Fabric
2. Trimmings
3. Patterns
4. Toile (if available).

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Normally your patterns will be developed in size 8 or size 10, as will the sample. But if you are going to have a production run you will need your patterns to be graded.

Grading takes place only when you are perfectly happy with the patterns and the samples. You would normally have an order placed before you start grading, so that you will know for certain the sizes you want to grade to.

We can grade any style to whatever sizes you need. In order to do this we will need you to provide us with patterns in the available size(s) and a list of sizes you wish to grade to.

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It is always a good idea if you can have your samples made at the same place as your planned production run. We are specialist sample makers and can offer a full CMT service for small to medium quantity production runs. Based on the sample price we will give you a quotation on the production price for your design.

If you require a quotation on a style that has not been sampled by us, we would need to make a pre-production sample so that we can give you an exact quotation. Obviously, it would not solely depend on the complexity of the garment; the quantities needed (per style per size) would also be a factor.

If you want to get an approximate estimate on the production price, please email us the following information for each style:

1. Spec sheet – specification of a design with all the technical information clearly mentioned on it, such as finishes, trims to be used, design features etc.
2. Quantities to be produced per size and per style in total.