Men’s Waistcoat Alterations

The perfect fit is the most crucial feature of any Waistcoat. Our Master Tailors have the skills and talent to assist you in achieving the required style. Our skilled Tailors will work on your Waistcoat for as long as it takes to perfect it. We will tailor our services to your specific requirements and work closely with you. This means that the same Tailor will attend to you at all of your fittings, as well as work on your Waistcoat.

The Human Body: Because the waistcoat is the slimmest item in menswear and is designed to fit snugly, it has very little tailoring tolerance. A well-tailored waistcoat follows the body’s curves without being overly tight or showing any straining of the cloth. There is usually an adjustable strap at the back of the waistcoat if it needs to be relaxed. Our Master Tailors will modify the sides of your waistcoat if they do not suit you adequately.

The Length: One of the most important components of a well-fitting waistcoat is the length. It should cover the whole waistband of the trouser, with no shirt material showing in between. This means that the trousers must also fit comfortably around the natural waist. If you believe the length of your waistcoat needs to be adjusted, come in for a fitting and our Master Tailor will give you his professional advice.

The Collar: Any waistcoat’s base is the collar. The way the cloth drapes over the body is determined by this factor. A waistcoat’s neckhole should fit snugly around the back of the shirt collar, without gaping. If your waistcoat’s neckhole is too wide, it will create a space around the shirt collar, allowing the waistcoat to move rather than stay put. Fortunately, our skilled Master Tailors can quickly and effectively resolve this problem. We may also replace the lining on the rear panel of your waistcoat. At your initial session, you will be given the option of selecting your new lining from a broad range of quality linings, or you may prefer that we assist you in finding the ideal match for your waistcoat coat.Whether you want a lining that matches the colour and texture of the jacket or a contrasting colour with a luxurious design, our tailoring experts will be happy to help and provide their experienced suggestions. 

Waistcoat Alteration Services:

  • Take in or Let out Waistcoat sides
  • Shorten Waistcoat length
  • Replace Waistcoat Back panel lining
  • Replace Waistcoat Buttons
  • Replace Lining