Blouse Alterations

There is a variety of adjustments that can be made to your blouse if you don’t like the way it fits in general. We can quickly and efficiently decrease or increase size by changing the centre back seam or side seams if your shirt is too loose or tight. Of course, the sleeves of a blouse can be shortened or tapered (narrowed). Darts may be added to the body of a blouse to narrow it at the waist, and we can adjust the hips and a bit of the chest depending on the run. This will get rid of any extra fabric that’s bothersome and unsightly to your form. We’ve worked with a variety of fabrics, ranging from delicate lace to sequins, beads, and other difficult-to-work-with materials. We pay special attention to detail to ensure that the final product is a blouse that flatters your body without seeming altered.

We strive for quality.  Our extremely skilled, fully certified seamstresses will work on your Blouse for as long as it takes to achieve the ideal fit, and we won’t be satisfied until you are. When it comes to re-styling, re-sizing, re-modeling, changing, or mending a Blouse, we have a stellar reputation for producing outstanding quality clothing modifications. What sets us distinct is our ability to work to a factory finish, which ensures that any Blouse Alterations we do are undetectable and untraceable; the original stitch pattern, thread colour, and any other detail will be completely matched. We are well-known for the great quality of our work, award-winning customer service, and affordable costs.

Blouse Alterations Services:

  • Take in or Let out Blouse sides
  • Narrow Blouse shoulders
  • Shorten / Lengthen Blouse sleeves
  • Shorten / Lengthen Blouse
  • General Blouse repairs