We’re always on the hunt for opportunities to work closely with designers of all levels from students who are just starting up to entrepreneurs already on their collections and new innovative apparel lines,Regardless of your level or market presence, we think that everyone should have equal access to all of our services.During the session, you may also look at some of our previous projects. We manufacture a wide range of clothes, so you may look at examples and get a sense of how you want yours finished.

We work with a variety of product categories with a little over a decade and a half of experience. We aim for perfection and quality in everything we do.We will be there every step of the way with you to provide support at any point of your product making process from merely random scribbles, initial designs that need to be modified, finalised patterns that need to be digitised, or actual examples, we’d love to hear from you and begin the consultation process right away to help your vision come to life We’ll go over a variety of fabric and trim options and see which ones will work best for each one of your designs.

We will provide a various amount of benefits including but not limited to :

  • recommend on how the product should look
  • best way to make it
  • reflect your vision in CAD drawing’s (part of the techpack)
  • provide both online and in person consultancy
  • the best material to use for that product
  • which fabric supplier to use