Dress Alterations

Any form of alteration, from a basic hem shortening to significant adjustments on any type of fabric with detail or ornamentation, may be trusted to us. Whether you’ve bought a high-end beaded gown, a sequined evening gown for a special occasion, or a plain business dress that requires alterations, our expert seamstresses will make sure it fits you perfectly. We may restyle a dress that doesn’t fit you into something spectacular by paying attention to your personality and taste, as well as adjusting a dress that doesn’t suit you. Our highly talented, completely qualified seamstresses will work on your Dress for as long as it takes to get the perfect fit, and we won’t be happy until you are. We have a spectacular record for creating amazing quality changes whether it comes to restyling, resizing, remodelling, altering, or mending clothing. Because of our ability to work to a factory finish, any Dress Alterations we make will be completely undetectable and untraceable; the original stitch pattern, thread colour, and any other detail will be perfectly matched. As a consequence, when it comes to Dress Alterations in London, we are the first choice. We are well-liked because of the high quality of our work. We’ve worked with magnificent laces, high-end textiles, and things that aren’t simple to deal with in general. We pay special attention to detail to guarantee that the end result is a garment that flatters your body. Our passion for what we do, as well as our thorough attention to detail, is what sets us apart.

Dress Alterations Services:

  • Let out sides or Take in sides 
  • Narrow shoulders
  • Shorten / Lengthen Dress
  • Shorten / Lengthen Dress Straps
  • Reshape neckline
  • Replace Zip
  • Restyle Dress
  • General Dress Repairs